5 Tips to Motivate Your Employees

There are many good reasons to foster motivation among your employees. Employees who are motivated will be more productive, thus bringing you a bigger ROI on your payroll, and they also tend to offer better customer service, thus representing your company in a manner that is likely to encourage customer loyalty.

Here are a few tried-and-true methods of getting your employees motivated.

Encourage autonomy and engagement. Employees who are given responsibility tend to rise to the occasion and show that they deserve that responsibility. Of course, no one knows your employees like you do, so it is important to approach this on an individual basis.
Compensate. Money really does matter. Employees who are well-compensated (and reliably compensated) for their work tend to give better output than those who are not.
Give the perks that matter. With that last point in mind, it is also important to consider that pay is not everything, especially as a new generation that values work-life balance more than ever enters the workforce. Perks such as flexible (paid) vacation, tuition reimbursement, and the ability to work from home all oftentimes count more than a corresponding pay raise ever could.
Acknowledge and reward great performance. Sometimes a simple pat on the back can mean a lot. People tend to enjoy being recognized for their achievements, so be sure to acknowledge employee accomplishments whenever possible, and to give rewards whenever appropriate.
Hold employees accountable. Make sure everyone understands their responsibilities and that they take them seriously. This can be one of the most challenging aspects of leadership, as most people prefer giving positive feedback to giving negative feedback, but it is very important. This ensures that you are getting what you pay for in terms of an employee, while also making sure that no employee or group of employees gets stuck working doubly hard in order to cover for someone else.

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