With Precise Payroll new background check service, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:


  • Less employee turnover by getting the right facts up front;
  • Less vulnerability to litigation resulting from unqualified staffing;
  • Better protection of your assets with proper documentation of employee records;
  • Assuring legal compliance with pre-employment screening laws and regulations (an increasingly complex task for more and more industries);
  • Less wasted time for your Human Resources, Legal and Security departments as the result of no longer being tied up with unqualified applicants, bogus information and other time wasters;
  • Improved search turnaround times with no more overlooked faxed-in requests or misplaced returned-fax results or mistakes due to illegible fax transmissions;
  • Clear and concise invoicing that is broken down by location;
  • Elimination of redundant follow-ups and duplicated work load/work flow.

Our Search Services are all Web-based, so it’s very easy to use and lets you receive the quickest, most accurate responses possible. If you’re wondering what type of searches you should order to have an effective pre-employment screening program, we can help!