Signs an Employee May Be Considering Leaving the Company

Employee turnover can be a frustrating and costly problem that affects your bottom line while also harming morale among existing employees. This is why working hard to ensure employee satisfaction is so important.

If you believe that an employee may be planning on leaving the company, you may be wondering what steps you could potentially take in order to keep that talent working for you. In this article, we will discuss a few tell-tale signs that an employee is thinking of leaving, and then we will discuss a few steps you could try taking to prevent turnover both now and in the future.

Clocking in late and clocking out early. Every employee has the right to wait until the designated time to clock in, and to clock out as soon as their shift has ended. However, an employee who begins to push these boundaries may be doing so because they don’t plan on being with the company for much longer.
Disengaging from coworkers. One of the toughest parts of changing jobs is leaving behind your friends. This is why employees who are considering leaving begin to disconnect and disengage from their coworkers in the weeks leading up to their resignation.
Apathy. Employees who act apathetic towards: deadlines, productivity, rules, et cetera; especially employees who are generally involved and meticulous, are probably re-evaluating their involvement with the company.

How to react when an employee may be leaving:
First, evaluate what that employee means to the company in financial terms. Consider what type of incentives your company may be able to offer in order to ensure that this employee stays with the company.
Second, once you are clear on what you may be willing to offer, sit down and have an honest conversation with that employee about their future. Though you cannot guarantee that an employee will stay with the company, having such a conversation will allow you to make a good faith effort to retain that employee while also preparing for the future, regardless of what happens.

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