Why Are So Many Companies are Choosing to Outsource HR Services?

In September 24, 2015
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Back in the “good old days,” nearly all companies ran their human resource operations in house.

These HR departments served as in-house liaisons between management and the workforce: employees could consult HR services whenever they had questions about benefits, hiring, training, complaints, co-workers, and so on. Employers, on the other hand, could count on HR to recruit talent, keep employees satisfied, and handle any potential problems. The HR department was responsible for understanding laws, regulations, and strategies for carrying out these processes seamlessly.

This concept still hasn’t changed. What has changed, however, is the way companies do HR:

Human resources has become an increasingly complex and specialized field. The laws and regulations regarding employment and termination are complicated and ever changing. Strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent are becoming increasingly sophisticated. And new, cutting edge human resources software and technology is constantly being released. Because of these changes, more than 50% of businesses now outsource HR—it’s simply more practical.

Outsourcing your human resource department can:

  • Save money by reducing the work-hours needed to complete HR processes.
  • Increase productivity by allowing you and your employees to focus on performing the jobs that you do best.
  • Allow your company to offer better HR services—after all, when you outsource to a company specializing in HR you know that your HR needs are being handled by specially trained experts using the latest tools and technology.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits HR outsourcing has to offer, Precise Payroll can help! For a reasonable cost, we can provide you with customized employee handbooks, job descriptions, assistance understanding state and federal law, and hiring/termination services. Contact us today for more information about HR outsourcing—and be sure to ask about our other services including payroll, time keeping, background checks, and more!

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